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Clay Bar

Clay Bar

Detailing Clay removes contaminants in order to keep the pain healthy and vibrant.

Your vehicle is under constant assault from airborne pollutants. Brake dust, industrial fallout, acid rain deposits and rail dust all can adhere to your vehicle. These contaminants often contain metal particulates, which accounts for the ease with which they penetrate the clear coat to attack the paint below. These contaminants then oxidize, and they allow rust to spread beneath the clear coat. Detailing clay removes these contaminants in order to keep the paint healthy and vibrant.

Detailing clay glides along the surface of your paint and grabs anything that protrudes from the surface. The particle sticks to the clay and is therefore removed from your vehicle. The surface being clayed should always be wet with clay lubricant or soap to prevent loose debris from scratching the vehicle. Detailing Clay also removes stubborn sap, tar, and bug remains.

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