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What our Clients Say

I've used all of the car wash spots on northlake and this was by far the cleanest my car has been. They even got the dog hair out of the cargo area.. that is not an easy task! Thank you and I'm sure I will be back again soon.

The cleanest my car has been!
Josh Craig

I’ll only handwash my Jeep and am avidly against automatic car washes (if you don’t mind swirlies all over your car by all means). It’s a labor of love and sometimes I just don’t have the time to devote 1.5-2 hours to vacuum, wipe down my interior, wash, dry and wax. So I decided to give this place a try. The staff here are friendly, professional, quick and most importantly they do a phenomenal job! I had the deluxe full service done for $21 flat and it is without a doubt an incredible value. In and out within 15 minutes and my Jeep looks fantastic! The attention to detail and quality of work performed exceeded my expectations.

My Jeep looks fantastic!
Tim Becerra

The best hand car wash I have ever seen...And for a little more  a hand wax with complete interior...And never any issues from the staff, always a good experience!

John Stapleton